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Beginning the Life Auditors Review Process

Life Auditors Global Advisory assessment will interpret your business and personal objectives, with a complete review of the following.

  • Wills – Addressing the distribution of assets and keepsakes
  • Trusts – Do they reflect today’s economic conditions?
  • Retirement Plans -Will your actual distribution be what you expect?
  • Estate Plans – Proper Funding and Current Wishes
  • Pre & Post Nuptials agreements – Are you really protected?
  • Special Needs plans for Dependents – Long Term Planning and Funding
  • Blended Family Planning – Planning: His /Hers /Yours. What happens if you predecease your spouse?
  • Exit Strategies – Is your business exit really protected? Will functionality be there when you leave?
  • Risk Assessment – Are you truly protected?
  • Taxes – Are you filing properly to maximize deductions?
  • Buy/Sell Agreements – Original intention may not address current Value and Exit Strategy.
  • Personal Issues – Who can you really talk to, that’s an objective listener?

The Process begins first with a one-on-one interview with Paul Katz to gain an understanding of any special goals and concerns his clients have prior to their review.

Step 2: Includes a personal and corporate review of one’s Tax Returns
Step 3: Preparing an audit and identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses to create a comprehensive Life Auditors document
Step 4: Paul Katz will deliver a private one-on-one review of all financial documents to illuminate the complete state of your current personal and professional landscape, pointing out areas of concern or reinforcing those positive aspects to your financial future.

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